[openbeos-midi] FW: MPU-401 Module

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  • Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 08:46:28 -0500

Here is the link for my current work for submission: 
I have the basic functionality working. The mpu401 part of it is  
actually very simple.  The stuff that is difficult for me was the  
system integration type things.  It's been a little slow for me,  
because I've had to learn a lot along the way.  Just when I think I'm  
getting close, I realize there is something more I need to understand.   

So it goes in software I suppose. 
The module, V1 ( with the published header), I believe is basically  
working.  The _problem_ is that I have found almost no midi drivers for  

testing that use this V1 version except the Sonic Vibes (don't have  
one), which is published.  Midi out works, the interrupt stuff is in  
place, and I think midi-in works, but is untested.  I want to use the  
Emuxki for both testing, and to get midi working on the driver.   I  
still need to do some work if there is more than one midi device using  
the module.  
The unpublished(?) V2 module uses a different 'create_device_alt' hook.  
I'm not sure what is exactly happening, but I'm not really focusing on  
it yet.  It appears that it uses a global port for midi messages,  
rather than passing a buffer pointer.   All of my soundcards that have  
Be Inc midi drivers use this V2.   ( AWE64,  ESS Solo, emu10k = no  
midi, CT 5880 midi doesn't work, SB Vibra16 can't get midi to work even  
with Be module ).   
Also in the archive is a midi port driver that assumes the standard  
midi port address 0x330.  I used this for some testing.  I was able to  
get midi-out working with my AWE64 using this.  If I can get the  
interrupts enabled, midi-in should work too. 
Even now, I know there are still a lot of things that can be cleaned  
up, debug messages removed, code that needs to be done differently,  
etc.  It's a starting point though.  I can go into more detail as to 
what more is needed.   
Greg Crain 
-----Original Message----- 
That page can help us? 
For the softsynth some function are implemented, 
todo implement reverb(0% done) 
BSynth(50% done) 
BMidiSynth(20% done) 
BMidiSynthFile(20% done) 
Write BSample(0% done) 
correct bug...... 
Have a nice day 

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