[openbeos-midi] Assignments

  • From: "Paul Stadler" <paul_stadler@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos-midi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 21:06:53 +0900


I've come up with some assignments that I _think_ might make sense.  Take a 
look.  If there are any gripes or if I got something wrong, then let me know 
and I'll revise (I know I lost at least 1 person's e-mail).


Kevin Kuo - BMidiSynth (BSynth)
Martijn Sipkema - 1) BSamples / aux) BMidiPort
Philippe Houdoin - BMidiSynthFile
Justin Mishop - BMidiPort
Daniel Walton - Midi 2
Paul Stadler - BMidi, BMidiStore
Louis Florit - Apps/Testing
Adam Milner - Apps/Testing
Marc Sciglimpaglia - Apps/Testing
Everybody - Cross verification

1) There is no BMidiText because I've nearly completed it.  I just need to 
get the damn thing checked in.
2) Martijn: I've assigned BMidiPort because your hardware setup will allow 
you to do any work on BMidiPort.  You don't need to contribute to the 
development, but you should definitely keep tabs on it since you can.
3) I forsee that some of these (at least the synth stuff) will probably need 
a little bit of contribution from everyone.  We'll worry about it when we 
get there.
4) I'm not worrying about header compatibility in private sections.  I hope 
that this is acceptable to everyone.
5) The Apps/Testing role is primarily designing some test apps that test out 
the library to its fullest extent.  This role is very vital to keep everyone 
in check, and it doesn't need to be limited to boring text-based tests!
6) Daniel: Can you take a look at the Midi2 stuff... the headers etc and 
give is a quick report on how well you think your existing stuff will fit in 
and how figure-out-able the midi2 API is?
7) I'll be sure to get my stuff checked in as soon as I work out a little 
problem I'm having with my SourceForge account.  In the meantime, just use 
the existing headers.
8) Again, if there are any gripes etc... contact me right-away so I can make 

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