[openbeos-build-team] It is accomplished

  • From: "Erik Jaesler" <erik@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "OpenBeOS Admin" <obos-admin@xxxxxxxxxxxx>,"OpenBeOS Build Team" <openbeos-build-team@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>,"open beos" <openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 09 Jul 2002 06:07:52 -0700

Though it took a grueling all nighter (I'm just getting too old for this 
stuff), the migration is now finished.  Our official source tree now 
resides in the subdirectory "current".  There are only two things I'm 
willing to consider guaranteeing about the move:  one, something is 
*bound* to have been left behind and two, stuff probably isn't going to 
build.  Never fear, however, for I have not yet pruned the old 
directories -- stragglers can still catch up with the rest of the herd.  
Of particular note is that makefiles and BeIDE project files were not 
migrated; they still live in their old dirs, however, to provide 
guidance in what will surely be a frenzy of jamfile creation the rest of 
this week.  Cry havoc! and let slip the build team!

Questions, comments, issues can, of course, be sent my way, just don't 
expect anything (or anything *coherent*, anyway) until late today or 
possibly even tomorrow.



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