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Love it Ashley!! Thanks for sharing!! What I wanted to share goes along with 
what Ashley was saying. This was a 'lesson' that the two 'teachers for the day' 
(Spanish II students) came up with. I wanted to share the progression they did: 

1. The pre-homework was to research problems and solutions in the Amazon (I 
think it was 3 of each)
2. In class the next day, the 'teachers' first of all had students move to new 
positions using actions. 
3. They then presented new vocabulary associated with the Amazon and the class 
came up with actions for all of the words. (There were about 10) 
3.  The teachers put the class in groups of 3 and they had to share out the 
homework and take notes from what others in the group said. 
4.  They brought the whole class back together and on the board made lists of 
problems and solutions. (They stopped here, but I can see about a billion 
possibilities for where this could organically go...) 
5. After discussing as a class the solutions and problems (students were 
agreeing, or disagreeing, or offering other solutions), then they had students 
get in groups of 2.
6.  They gave each group a picture from the Amazon and they had to describe it 
to the other person. The other person had to draw the description, and then 
they compared after to see how close they had gotten. 
(I can also see how this could lead to other things..Ashleys activity for 
example, or creating a story around the picture, or associating the pictures 
back to the solutions & problemas previously mentioned, or having pictures that 
represented the solutions or problems and starting with that as an intro to 
spark thought...so many possibilities) 

While not all lessons were this connected and cohesive, I thought it was a neat 
progression that represented what Nanosh was talking about earlier with having 
a common 'thread' that weaves through the class period & acts. 

-d :)  

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I would love the photos you created!  This is a great activity and I would love 
to try it!  



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Ashley - When I do those types of activities, I have two kids move clockwise 
and one person stays with the picture to be the "host" for the new group.  I 
find this helps students build beyond their initial contact with the picture 
because not everyone in the group is starting from ground zero with vocabulary. 
 It's based on the "World Cafe" model. 
>On Jun 1, 2012, at 11:19 AM, Lin, Yu L wrote:
>>Dear Ashley, 
>>Thank you so much for sharing this activity. I like the way you pass the 
>>pictures clock wise to reuse them. You could collect some of these 
>>student-centered activity ideas and present a workshop at MaFLA. 
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>>I was going to share this at the meeting but didn't get to...
>>This is very simple and you've probably done something similar but just an 
>>idea if you're stuck. I can forward the pictures I used if you don't want to 
>>find your own random ones... 
>>I printed some random pictures (of people talking to eachother) out and used 
>>them as coversation/story starters. The first part I had "planned" and then 
>>the extention of the activities was students wanting to do it. These are 7th 
>>Students got into groups of three and each group received a picture. They 
>>talked about it (I wasn't specific as to what to do. Some people just listed 
>>vocab or phrases to describe, others started telling stories, others asked 
>>questions). Then I had the groups pass pictures clock wise and they did the 
>>same thing for all pictures. I didn't "time" it but made sure I gave them 
>>time to talk but not too much time to get bored. 
>>At the end students shared out some stories or interesting things that came 
>>up and each class had different vocab that was generated. 
>>Student driven:
>>Then students chose a picture and wrote a conversation between two people in 
>>the pictures in their journals. They shared out their convos in pairs. 
>>Also student suggestion:
>>Students practiced their conversations as dialogues with a partner and then 
>>presented them to the class. The "audience" asked questions and gave comments 
>>after so that it was very cooperative/communicative (compared to how I used 
>>to do presentation type activities). Everyone had a lot of fun and stayed in 
>>Random Fotos: one of Gayle and Katniss, one of two people talking while one 
>>was on a cell phone too, the attached photo got a lot of good stories, one of 
>>a man in a car with a police officer writing a ticket, one with obama leaning 
>>over and a boy touching his
 hair, a sister pulling her younger brothers' hair etc. 
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