[odamex-bug-reporter] [Bug 748] Weapons disappearing when loading game.

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--- Comment #2 from Mike Wood <mwoodj@xxxxxxxxxxx> 2011-08-27 00:31:15 UTC ---
Steps to reproduce:

1) Run Odamex on PowerPC (If using an Intel Mac: Right-click Odamex, click "Get
Info", enable "Open using Rosetta".
2) Start a new game
3) Use idfka to get all weapons and keys
4) Save the game to any slot
5) Load the game from the saved slot. At this point everything should be fine.
6) Save the game again
7) Load the save game.

At this point the bug will be reproduced. The raised weapon will be the one
that was raised when you saved. The status bar will show that you actually have
no weapons... not even the one that is raised. The weapon cannot be changed.
All the keys are also gone.

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