[odamex-bug-reporter] [Bug 643] "Stuck" Spawns

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--- Comment #7 from Dr. Sean <grandpachuck187@xxxxxxxxx> 2012-01-16 05:21:36 
UTC ---
I've attached a 0.5.6 netdemo that showcases possibly another variation on this
bug.  After the POV player reaches 12 frags and is killed, he tries to respawn
but his view camera does not move with him.  Instead his view camera stays
stationary at his spawn point and shows a third person view of his own sprite
moving on the screen, controlled by the player's actions.  Eventually the
player is killed and respawns elsewhere.  At that point there is a ghost player
spawned at the spot the player died and another at the spot the player's
stationary view camera was.  It appears that the other players can not see
these ghosts.

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