[obol] White Wagtail Photos

  • From: Brandon Wagner <bmwboarder@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: oregon birding online <obol@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Midvalley Birding <birding@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2015 18:44:41 -0700

Hi friends!

Well, today sure was fun! I got to hang out for a few hours near the White
Wagtail, and say hi to quite a few birding friends. As far as I know,
everyone that looked for the bird was able to find it.

Here is a map of the field it was in, with an arrow at the location of
where many of us stood and watched it:


This location is best accessed by parking along Coville Rd, either at the
Narrows/wetlands pullout, or further west along Coville Rd, and walking
north through the first field, through a row of bushes, and then into the
second field. The Wagtail seemed to prefer the north side of the second

The bird flew frequently, but didn't seem to leave the area, or if it did,
it came back quite quickly. A couple times it landed fairly close to us,
though my camera skills were lacking on the one occasion that it came the
closest. Nonetheless, here are my best photos:


(Click next to get to the other photos). It looks good for White Wagtail
to me and the others that were viewing it, but I would love to hear from
any others that know Wagtails well.

Brandon Wagner

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