[obol] My mother has been slowly murdered since 2011 december under custody of criminals in akathethara

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I have to copy obol@xxxxxxxxxxxxx because of an archive.org service not
available. That means i should be able to copy archival@xxxxxxxxxxxx or some emailing list
and it should be available as a URL for viewing
like this

 I have been emailing for a solution since 2011 and there is no
public record of it. I filed ic3.gov reports they are thieves
i should be able to show it as http://ic3.gov/complaints/2011/complaint1.html or something.
I demand all my taxes since 1994 i paid to california federal and US social
back compounded with interest and also i want the taxes i paid to India
in 2000/2001 compunded with interest.

My mother has been slowly murdered for five years or say 9 years
since 2011 the criminals that occupied or is even now occupying
rohinivilla chepilamuri akathethara held her hostage against my wishes
and her wishes partnered with theft and food poisoned her underfed her
drugged her using low class allopath class hospitals and criminal
sridhar and sons

by being held hostage by criminals who acted like her wellwishers and family
underfeeding and food poisoning her drugging her using allopathy drugs
and harming her in allopathy hospitals.
I am ex sun.com employee and have paid taxes for about 500000 dollars
income california and federal govt taxes and was a naturalised californian
accepted by Immigration naturalisation services.
I was not employed overseas because of the crime, financial cyber civil rights
I am an individual tax payer and US social security also send a statement
Mar 2004 after i registered dhyanayoga.info i am eligible for US social
I have created Unique Intellectual property which almost all word
speaking can use atleast once and all yoga practitioners can follow
easily or atleast 20 percent can use for life time.
Yet i have been attacked harmed and there is no public record of use of
my websites
In addition to stealing all my income and preventing me being sexually active with
woman of my sexual preferences i have been attacked and harmed
and forced to depend on a mothers meagre pension since Jan 2012.
I order no US citizens allowed to use any public services in USA
or abroad
This is the viewerlist last 5 years or so

I lost a very good life in California and my mother suffered for 9 years
and she would have lived till 90 if there was no crime
The criminals with surname of pulappatta kerala police indian judiciary
bangalore jurisdiction are offenders
This is my US social security statement. I authenticated
in irs.gov but could not get my transcript.


I have worked above average years to retire
That means i worked in a high burnout profession
I could have easily worked in WWW companies since 2004.
I was not offered position to exploit me and make me work for others
Over 5000 poems like this has been
This is my Unique book i finished writing end of year 2011
http://pradeepkumarxplorer.com/LGWM/UnMogaMars.pdf password fisitor2012!.

The FBi are criminals as i have filed more than 100 complaints.
And the criminals wont Create a public record of it
That means if i file an ic3.gov complaint it has to be available if needed
to the public like

I have no way to say i communicated last few years to the email
i listed in

I am without income and my mother killed in sai-hospial.com
The criminals that held her hostage Sridhar Balan and their criminal sons daughters
etc did not allow me to shft her to a hotel lodge room and massage her to wellness.
She died of oxygen toxification too little food and too much drugs.
The criminals in USDHS encouraged those with the same surname as family
in this situation.
I myself have been harmed
I could do this Yoga sequence without warmup in 2017
In begining of 2018 i could not even put a Tshirt because of being
drugged and forced to sleep in unhealthy cotton beds and made to use
low class food.
You can see what i eat in my tweets http://twitter.com/ThaiKumar
My mother needed 30percent of what i eat and she would have lived till
This is crime continuing by many wellwishers acting around me
The service providers want employment and they dont care when my cash runs
My mother left 410000rs indian rupees in her account when she died
out of which i have only 60000Rs now. The thieves are waiting for my cash to run out
and then i would not have money to pay for hosting account and the evidences
would vanish.
Archive.org are criminals not showing my archives of dhyanayoga.info
till Jul 2015
My mothers suffering i have depicted in http://twitter.com/PradeepXplorer1
The DLSA are criminals
This is a criminal that led to the murder of my mother by sridhar

I approached him to get my mother shifted to Kaliappa hotel
or saravana lodge or somewere far away where the pulappattas wont come to harm her.
Sarala and shylaja are two criminals that food poisoned her and i could not even feed
her food
I did not get police service in India as i am not a tax payer in India and i exist
only in USA as a hitech employee. My website is hosted in USA
Those who are employed using my websites are criminals as well.
I paid from my savings for hosting account to bluehost.com and when it ran out
my mother paid
I recieved no subscriber help

I have communicated to you as well before.
I listed dhyanayoga.info for sale for 5 million US dollars in sedo.com not even 5000 dollar
This is an open crime by authorities who need to be prosecuted and charged with murder of my mother today

This is a crime by USDHS not letting me travel with my mother to USA
I demand all taxes paid back or a solution today.
If i dont get all my taxes with interest compounded no US or international
travellers anywhere can use public services.
Pradeep Kumar Xplorer

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