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Marcus was supposed to call yesterday to talk to the manager about his job
after he called in "sick" 2 days last week and he was taken off the
schedule.  He decided to be on the computer until I kicked him off and then
he went out with a friend and chose not to call at all.  He told me last
night he would call this morning.


When it was no longer morning and he still hadn't called, I told him he has
7 days to contact the Good Neighbor Homeless shelter to find out what it
takes to move there.  7 days is more than generous.  


I told him that he wants to be treated like an adult and not a child, and
this is how an adult gets treated when the living arrangements are not
mutually beneficial.  Children are provided for, not adults, and it is not
my job to provide for him if he is not willing to keep his end of the
bargain.  He said he doesn't keep his end because of the "things that have
happened have damaged the relationship" (referring to when I found out he
was burning things in his room with the plasma lamp and burnt the carpet).
So, I then said then since he is saying that he doesn't intend on keeping up
his end, I am not required to hold up my end and therefore he needs to live


Thank you for your prayers.  



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