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It's not that it's that serious, just that I need to have it done and be fully 
recovered before another teacher in my room has knee surgery in November.  
Also, I'm tired of all the problems and how they limit how much energy I can 
exert, and the constant symptoms I feel.  He could have done it next week or 
the end of September, but he wanted to make sure there was enough time to get 
the surgery paid for by donors.  Symptoms are almost constant now, but at least 
they remind me of God's grace, love, and provisions, and not annoy me like 
crazy now.  
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WoW!!!  So much here…I am so glad God is able to handle all this.  It must be 
pretty serious for the procedure to be scheduled so quickly.  Praying for you!

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I hope you are all well.  As you all know, my heart has been causing me 
problems for quite a while and continues to get worse.  I saw my heart surgeon 
yesterday to talk about next steps.  I will be having a third heart surgery on 
Monday, October 6 at Kennestone.  This time, it will be an inpatient procedure. 
 Please pray for several things.  


1) I need transportation to the hospital on Monday (have to be there by 6 AM), 
and home on Tuesday (no idea when).  I have an offer to take me on Monday, but 
it would be a very special circumstance I'm not sure if I'll take it yet.  2) 
My doctor is going to ask the Kennestone Foundation to pay for all of my out of 
pocket expenses. If they don't, I can't have the surgery.  3) Success of 
surgery and for all the medical staff that will be assisting me.  4) That I 
recover quickly as I don't have someone to assist me at home until after 6 each 
night.  I will be out of work for a total of 11 days, although only 5 are 
actual work days. 5) I need someone to stay at my house Monday night to help 
with Becca and Jazz that night and Tuesday morning (help with them Monday would 
be a great relief to me as well since I have to leave at 5:15).


Please pray that God would work to fulfill each of these needs.  


Thanks a bunch!!





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Wendy - Becca, Wendy's health, job search, RA treatment; surgery circumstances; 
Praveenta-new beginnings
Andy - family and Christ;
Sheila - job search; Brantley's recovery; face pain; daughter Sara 
Maria - job with insurance; Manuela to find an internship in GA; neighbor's 
great granddaughter Aide
Anne - Marcus; personal sales
Jim - new job
Sandy - life change
Jane - 
Diane - jail ministry and related needs
Carlas - arthritis; shoulder and hip pain; oldest daughter Karen; daughter Re 
Our Church leadership 
Students and teachers returning to school

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