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Please continue to pray for Anne and Marcus through the new critical point that 
has been reached.
Please also pray for my safety as I travel over the next 11 days.  Also, I went 
to the doctor today for an ear infection and the start of a sinus infection.  
He is also testing my kidney, liver, and thyroid function, for rheumatoid 
arthritis, and for 10 different auto immune diseases.  He wants to find out 
what has been causing some of the issues I've been having, especially with my 
family history.  I might not get those results for two weeks.  Lastly, I see my 
heart surgeon tomorrow.  I'll let you know if anything changes with my 
treatment after I get to Florida tomorrow night.

Thanks for all the prayers, especially for Anne and Marcus!

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Please pray for:

Wendy - Becca's self image; Wendy's health; job search; nephew
Andy - family and Christ, ex father in-law
Sheila - job search; Brantley's recovery and Sara's sanity
Maria - new job with insurance; Manuela to find an internship in GA
Anne - Marcus; personal sales
Jim - niece broken bone healing; parole/probation people to get licenses 
Jane - 
Diane - clarity about new church
Carlas - arthritis; shoulder and hip pain; oldest daughter Karen; daughter Re 
Candace - dad's recovery; son Christopher; son Daniel's interview
Church leadership team
The Ukraine people, pastors, missionaries

God bless,

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