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Praise. Thanks for update. 

From my Android phone on T-Mobile. The first nationwide 4G network.

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Update on Becca.  Praise!!  She seems to be in a better place emotionally than 
she has in a long time.  She's even doing chores without arguing or 
complaining, and is doing them well!!  This NEVER happens!!  Pray this 
continues.  Thanks ~ Wendy
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Please pray for:

Wendy - Becca's self image; Wendy's health; job search; nephew
Andy - family and Christ, ex father in-law
Sheila - job search; Brantley's recovery and Sara's sanity
Maria - new job with insurance; Manuela to find an internship in GA
Anne - Marcus; personal sales
Jim - niece broken bone healing; parole/probation people to get licenses 
Jane - 
Diane - clarity about new church
Carlas - arthritis; shoulder and hip pain; oldest daughter Karen; daughter Re 
Candace - dad's recovery; son Christopher; son Daniel's interview
Church leadership team
The Ukraine people, pastors, missionaries

God bless,

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