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I had shared with Andy that Sunday was a bad day for me. After classes my 
daughter came over yesterday and I wanted to let everyone know that I spent 
yesterday in the ER. I was dehydrated and swollen,again so much that my eyes 
were almost shut. A couple of bags of fluids, steroids, antibiotic, and 
morphine were administered. After the hospital she took me to the doctors 
office for "glamor shots", my doctor is out of town. Then we filled more 
prescriptions. The doctor has take me off treatment until she sees me 
Thursday.Keep me in your prayer,Today is all ways a better day,Blessings,Lynne

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Hey everyone!

We had a great meeting yesterday, lots of good discussion.  We decided we would 
only read one chapter this week, so just read Chapter 3. If you haven't taken 
the profile test in Appendix, also take that too.  

The meeting will be back at my house this week. Our meal this week will be 
Maria: chicken
Lindsey: guacamole, tortillas
Bianca: Corn/tomato salsa
AJ: cheese
Andy: lettuce
Jim: drinks
Diane: dessert

Here are the prayers for this week:

Lynne:  skin treatment, time alone, doctor's visit
Lindsey: relationship with Anthony, soften his heart, anger
Lindsey: friend Candice, her emotional health
Linsey: Lesha's marriage softened hearts
Jim: patient's health and recovery
Jim: his bother in law's father
Andy: Pray for kids' hearts to be softened towards Christ
Sheila: daughter Sara, son-in-law Brandon
Maria: RJ's father to stop drinking and spend time with him, patients
Maria: Neighbor and her mother
Bianca: praise/prayer for God to continue to challenge her in her walk, and 
with the ministry work she is investigating
Diane/Sheila: Stephen Ministry training
Jim/Sheila: get better!

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