[oakleafsunjgroup] Notes and prayers

  • From: Andy <aboczsr@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Journey Group <oakleafsunjgroup@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 1 May 2012 22:47:07 -0400

Hey everyone, 

I hope you are having great week!  I wanted to thank you guys for a great 
meeting this past Sunday.  I feel like we covered a lot of ground. AJ, I hope 
you are feeling better. 

Remember that we are planning to go to the Renaissance festival this Saturday 
and we talked about the Cartersville folks meeting at Kroger at 9:00. I will 
touch base with you as it gets closer to the weekend. 

Remember that we are reading two chapters this week, chapters 9&10. The meeting 
will be at Diane's house on Sunday at 6 o'clock and here are the meal 

Jim: garlic bread
Sheila: spaghetti
Wendy: salad
Bianca: bruschetta
Lindsay: drinks 
Andy: desert

Here are the prayers this week, please take time to pray for these each day:

Lynne:  health and recovery
Lindsey: relationship with Anthony, soften his heart, anger
Lindsey: school situation for the kids
Andy: Pray for kids' hearts to be softened towards Christ
Sheila: daughter Sara, son-in-law Brandon, son Zach, daughter Becca
Maria: RJ's father to stop drinking and spend time with him
Bianca: friend Nicole in JAX, friend with cancer
Diane: Brandi; processing theft
Jim: brother in law's dad
Reagan: employee  has throat cancer
Bianca: Jessica, surgery
AJ: younger brother life choices
Mark: recovery from surgery

Seize the day!

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