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Nope, that isn’t it.  There is a shopping center on Douthit Ferry, and the road 
dellinger is on, the restaurant is in there.  


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The only Mexican place out by CMS and Dellinger that I know if is El Nopal.  
It's on Old Mill Rd near the Family Savings Credit Union.   




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I am game!  Mexican sounds great, just not El Nopal.  There is a very good 
restaurant near Dellinger/Cartersville middle school.  If you order guacamole, 
they come to your table and make it fresh.  I was there once with Diane and 
Andy.  I don’t know the name of the place.  


It is good for those with a cat allergy that we are not meeting here.  My 
vacuum cleaner has been broken, (again).  



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Movie Night Out this Sunday

"God's Not Dead" at Cartersville Carmike.  Starts at 7:15.  Who is interested 
in meeting for dinner at 5:30?  Respond with suggestions here.  Maria voted for 
Mexican, but I can't remember which place.  I'm personally game for anything.  



Praying Shiela, Jim, Andy, and our missions teams are safe in their travels.

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Group on 4/6

Hey everyone!  Group this week is at 6:00pm at Maria's house.   

Andy is in Burkina Faso Africa so I will be leading group.  I really need you 
all there to help me out. ... 
I pray nothing stands in your way!

We will be discussing the sermon from 3/30.   Please watch online before 
Sunday.  I can't wait to share and discuss with you all. 

We miss you Jim, Diane, Lynne, Sandy, Allen....  I really hope you make it this 
week!!!     :)

Maria - grilled chicken
Wendy - sweet potatoes
Sheila - broccoli veg mix
Anne - dessert
Carlos - vegetable mix

If your name is not listed, you can bring anything that goes with this meal!  

See you all Sunday night!


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