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Unfortunately, I will not be able?to join you all on Sunday.? 


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Hello everyone, I hope this message finds you well and experiencing God's love 
this week!?
We are meeting at the Four Seasons Subdivision clubhouse paviilion located off 
of Gilreath Dr. We'll be discussing tomorrow's message and choosing a book to 
study through for the next several weeks. For food, we'll be having a hot dog 
bar. Here's what everyone is supposed to bring:?
Andy: slaw and plates/cups/utensils?
Diane: hotdogs (2 packs)?
Lynda: baked beans?
Jeanine & Suzan: hotdogs (1 pack) and ketchup/mayo/mustard?
Mike: chili and onions?
Ralph: drinks?
Randy: buns (3 packs)?
Shane: chips?
Sheila: cheesecake?
If your name is not on the list, please bring a dessert or something else that 
goes with the theme. I hope to see everyone there; please call if you will not 
be able to attend or need directions.?
God bless,?
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