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Hey everyone,


Just to clarify, this is server team Sunday so our group will not have a table. 
 See you tomorrow.


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Hey everyone! 

I hope everyone is doing great this week.

A couple of things to remember:

1.  Group meeting:  We will meet Sunday at 6:00pm at Maries. We will be eating 

Egg rolls: Andy
Rice: Maria
Stir fry chicken: Jim
Stir fry veggies (bag): Sheila
Crab Rangoon: Diane
Chow mein noodles and a surprise: Wendy
Soy sauce: Anne 
Sushi: Jane

2.  Sermon this week: This week is our Serve Sunday! The message and the 
morning will all be geared in that direction.  Please stop by and help work our 
group table if possible. 

3. July 26th CMO:  Community Makeover at the Good Neighbors Shelter went great! 

Have a great weekend!   See you on Sunday!  

Sheila Stephens

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