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Hello everyone sorry i have not been to any of the groups  lately. I did make 
it to 11:30 church service this morning was so glad to be back in The Lords 
House. Just wanted to give a up date. Chris my son has been transferred to 
Savanna Regional Hospital. Please keep him in your prayers. Not sure how long 
he will be there. Praise report on my son Daniel he is working at LG in 
Adairesville through a temp service. He needs to get hired on to a company full 
time and closer to the house. He has had 1 interview for  Toy Yo Tires might 
not have spelled that right. He is so pose to hear about  weather are not  he 
will be offered a job. Keep him in your prayers this job offers great pay and  
benefits and will be  closer to home. Jamie violated his probation so he is 
back in Cobb county getting out next mouth. Please keep him lifted up in prayer 
for God to open Jamie's heart up to him. Jamie needs to make so changes in his 
life . I need God to give me
 strength and help me to show me how to guide my boys in the right direction 
towards him. I need God to work in my life , keep me lifted up in prayer.  
Thank you, Candace Hemphill 

On Sunday, July 27, 2014 7:58 PM, Andy Bocz <aboczsr@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

We had a great night everyone! Thank you Maria for hosting. 

Here are our prayers:

Wendy - Becca, Wendy's health, job search, RA treatment; surgery circumstances; 
Praveenta-new beginning
Andy - family and Christ
Sheila - job search; Brantley's recovery; face pain
Maria - job with insurance; Manuela to find an internship in GA; neighbor's 
great granddaughter Aide
Anne - Marcus; personal sales
Jim - job offer
Jane - 
Diane - clarity about new church
Carlas - arthritis; shoulder and hip pain; oldest daughter Karen; daughter Re 
Candace - dad's recovery; son Christopher
Our Church leadership team(s)
The Ukraine people, pastors, missionaries
Jami - life adjustments
Paige - Daughter Bailey
Rhonda - life
Splash Bartow

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