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Hello everyone!Don't feel bad about forgetting about me, I am having a hard 
time getting in to this series.I've had a ruff few days, tummy upset. Off the 
topical for two weeks but back on the oral in four days, three now.I am fine 
and have everyone calling me. I will be okay and ready to get back, and it has 
only been two weeks!Blessings to all,Lynne

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Hello All...I hope your week has been great!   This is just our reminder email 
about group this week.  Please reply if you will not be there.   See you all 
tomorrow! Sheila

On Jan 22, 2012, at 7:02 PM, Sassy <sassyuga@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

 Hey everyone.   I hope you have a great week!!! Group next week is at 6:30pm 
at Diane's house.  
Andy - desertSheila  -  plain bread, drinks Diane -  spaghetti Jim - saladSandy 
- <we miss you>Lindsey  - garlic bread Hey Lynne - don't worry food will be 
bad. Lol. Hope you are doing good.   I hope you all can be there! 

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