[o3club] Some IMPORTANT things to check also welcome the new members to o3club.

  • From: "Val" <drutort@xxxxxxx>
  • To: <o3club@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2003 23:22:15 -0700

Important please go check at the join/enlist area your Name/alias which
should be your AA account name without your clan tags, but please put
info about your clan tag so that others can use your name in search web
sites to find you and play with you.  Double check that its all correct,
if anything is wrong you can post here or email me Drutort@xxxxxxx also
you can catch me on AIM.
I have appointed Esponirvana as Co-Leader he is here to help out he
volunteered to be one.  You can contact him and ask him the same things
that you would ask me.  He probably has more time then me online and you
can contact him and he will review you and if you meat the minimum
requirements you will be added to the members area.
Please do not feel as if you are being left out just because I or
Esponirvana accepted other players before you, it's a matter of us
knowing those people or have gotten the chance to play with them, your
turn will come.  You can contact me and the Co-Leader with info in
regards were and when you will be playing so that the reviewing can be
For those who are official members I encourage you to interact and talk
with other members as well as those on the enlist/join list as they are
potential candidates to becoming members, (really no real reason why
they wouldn't, unless they miss the minimum requirements)
I would like all of you to reply and post here on this mailing list. You
can find more info about this mailing list here.
And feel free to post any questions you have on this mailing list as
well! This is the place to do it, why do I want your questions here?
Well because someone might have the same one and we can answer it to
Also please add everyone to your chat program seems that most the
members have AIM, so add each other and chat with one another.
I also encourage all to down load any IRC client, it's a great place to
chat and to get help for AA at the homeland server.
My future plans are also to get maybe a communication server for
TeamSpeak or Roger Wilco.
A nice thing to do in the emails is to post your AA account  names, and
anything else that you might want to do.  Also at any time your profiles
can be updated either by me or a co-leader.
Reminders, there should be no problem for any clan members to join o3,
because we are a club not a clan which pretty means just a organized
group.  If any clan leaders have a problem or questions please have them
contact me.
The tag is placed at the end of the name -]o3[  unless your clan has a
tag at the end you can place it in the front or after your clan tag like
]o3[  in front would go ]o3[-
My personal info about AA is that I play about 80-90% IC on the WEST
cost though my ping is perfectly fine on the east as well, go figure.  I
also like to use the Sniper a lot and when I am ok I will do pretty
good, also great with saw and m16, ok with 203 just not my style.
Yes I will play other maps with other individuals its not a problem. :)

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