[nycfoxsig] Re: rt can't find components

  • From: Jay Berardinelli <docman@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2008 23:41:37 -0400

if you send me just the EXE i can run a dependency checker i have here.

Lew wrote:
It is a really simple, bare bones, no frills app. I'm getting the can't find resources startup message ... so I don't think any activex is involved. Anyway... dependency checker... Care to recommend one? The installers won't work because this is a very high security deployment ... I doubt I'd be allowed to copy anything into ...\system32 in order to do an 'official' install.
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what about any activex components you may be using?
are you using any visual foxpro classes? they may use some activex without you knowing about it.

run a dependency checker on your executable.

Lew wrote:

I'm attempting to deploy a small app by copying all the rt dll's & my exe into the same directory. Yet I get this error which seems to indicate that the exe can't find one or more of the components, even though they are all (gdiplus vfp9r, vfp9t & vfpenu ) right there. Has anyone run into this?

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