[nycfoxsig] Visual Foxpro Users Group NYC - meets Thursday, Feb 7

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Visual Foxpro Users Group NYC  (and NYACC Database SIG)

The next meeting of VFPUG NYC is Thursday, February 7, 2008, at 7 pm.  

*BUT PLEASE NOTE* we will meet informally at 6 pm for a light supper or
snack at a local Italian restaurant called Pane e Cioccolato, on the SW
corner of Waverly and Mercer Sts, two blocks away. There is nothing formal
about this, but just an opportunity to get together sooner, especially for
those who can't stay for a long meeting.

The *formal* meeting is at 7 pm. The location will be NYU's Silver (Main)
Building, on Waverly Place, at the NE corner of Washington Square, in room
508. Bring picture ID. The guard can direct you to the room. (Please don't
bother the guard by arriving sooner).

The Speaker will be Alen Kalati, of SmartsCorp.  (Alen's e-mail is

The topic will be: The VFP Debugger, Digital Cameras, and Barcodes.

To quote the speaker: "I'll demonstrate the different features of the VFP
debugger using an application which combines digital cameras and bar codes
to associate photo files with inventory items."  

This sounds like a bonus situation. Not only do we learn the ins-and-outs of
the debugger - which is an indispensable tool for the serious developer -
but this knowledge is demonstrated with a live presentation in two important
subject areas - barcodes and imaging.

Hope you can attend!

(FYI, the VFPUG NYC is a special interest group of the New York Amateur
Computer Club, nyacc.org. VFPUG NYC membership is open to those in the NYC
area and beyond who have an interest in the Microsoft Visual Foxpro
development platform. We usually meet on the first Thursday of every month -
so mark your calendars. )

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