[nycfoxsig] Visual Foxpro User Group NYC - meets Thursday, Jan. 3, 2008

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The meeting will be held in (or near) room #806 in the NYU Main/Silver
building, at 7 pm.

The building is on the northeast corner of Washington Square, the entrance
being on Waverly Place.

Go to the guard station inside for directions. Bring photo ID.


The speaker will be Menachem Bazian, noted author of books on VFP,
consultant, etc. etc. 


Visual FoxPro is the premier tool for developing robust client-server
applications using a wide range of database backends. The two most popular
are, perhaps, SQL Server and MySQL.


This session will show a method for rapid development of Client Server
applications using Visual FoxPro. The goals of this session are


1) To highlite the differences between developing applications based on
native Visual FoxPro tables and a Client Server backend,


2) To illustrate the differences between back-end environments,


3) To illustrate that development of a client server application is actually
very simple and requires little extra coding knowledge beyond standard
Visual Foxpro syntax.

Menachem Bazian, CPA (NY), CITP
BC Consulting Services, Inc.

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