[nycfoxsig] Re: Reminder: Meeting this week!

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  • Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2007 16:45:44 -0400

Can someone please update info on fox.wikis?
http://fox.wikis.com/wc.dll?Wiki~NYCVFPUserGroup~VFP I'll post messages on
UT and MSDN forum.

On 8/22/07, Jay Berardinelli <docman@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Peter,
> Lew set up the list in freelist, so he should be able to give you a head
> count.
> i'm sure everyone is getting these, most including myself are not
> responding to everything that is said.
> i'm also not so sure that this freelist.org is the proper place for our
> list.
> it is not conducive to threading, nor can anyone see a list of the members
> at a glance.  so to use this as a forum for questions and problems as you
> suggested, will not work very well.
> i think we need to go to a newsgroup based list, (no not back to
> yahoogroups),
> but like Universal thread, or any of the many others.
> this would give us many more benefits as a whole.
> plus a place to post code, and the presentation from Michael, etc.
> but that's no guarantee who will show up at a meeting.
> if you look at a site like http://www.thelunchclub.com
> i think they do it all very well.  not only is it a newsgroup type forum,
> but also every event is outlined,
> and the members can rsvp to each event, so we can make sure we have enough
> people coming, and everyone could see who else is going ,etc.
> I could see creating a thread for each of the topics that we have an
> interest in exploring, and those of us with knowledge of each can start to
> contribute thoughts and code.  it will be a permanent place to store this
> valuable knowledge and code snippets that will accumulate.
> its unfortunate that we lost our presenter, and I agree with Nadya that we
> probably always need to have a backup plan.
> I see no need to cancel.   I can help field questions, and also discuss
> many of the areas i mentioned
> including showing how to build a full application fro mstart to finish.
> if someone can provide a laptop with a live internet connection, then i
> can use it to demonstrate some live apps etc.
> Jay
> Hello, Alen (I'm speaking familiarly though I don't believe I've met you)
> Would you be at tomorrow's meeting? Are you in town?
> I think *all* meetings should have a component of "an open meeting where
> people can present questions / problems" . I've been reading comments from
> UGs in other cities - Madison WI, and Los Angeles - and that's how they do
> it. They don't always have a speaker.
> The question is, will there be a meeting tomorrow, Thursday? Even if not, we
> should keep the listserv, nycfoxsig@xxxxxxxxxxxxx , active. This can be our
> meetingplace, even when we're not meeting in person.
> People, if you are reading this, please reply to nycfoxsig@xxxxxxxxxxxxx ,
> so we can get a headcount of who is on the list.
> Peter Rooney
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> Nadya;
> maybe an open meeting where people can present questions / problems?
> Alen.
> On Tue, August 21, 2007 2:13 pm, Nadya Nosonovsky wrote:
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