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freelists.org does not serve the long-term purpose of this group.

there are plenty of other free alternatives that are better. and each person could subscribe to however often they want to receive their notices. additionally there will be a central place to hold all the code and discussion threads.

this should be one of the discussion topics for the next meeting.

Lew wrote:
Freelists is free from the web beacons, spyware and the creepy user agreement you'll find on yahoogroups. A newsgroup based list requires a member with room on their email server to run nttp ... Web based lists require slightly more resources, but I believe we can create a namespace on fox.wikis.com. Moreover, I believe that the wiki code is in the public domain, so if some one could give us space on an stable server, we could live there. >> Geoff, is this true? My preference for the email list is that it's a push technology. Notices arrive in your mailbox without your having to do anything. -Lew

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Lew set up the list in freelist, so he should be able to give you a head count. i'm sure everyone is getting these, most including myself are not responding to everything that is said.

i'm also not so sure that this freelist.org is the proper place for our list. it is not conducive to threading, nor can anyone see a list of the members at a glance. so to use this as a forum for questions and problems as you suggested, will not work very well. i think we need to go to a newsgroup based list, (no not back to yahoogroups),
but like Universal thread, or any of the many others.
this would give us many more benefits as a whole.
plus a place to post code, and the presentation from Michael, etc.
but that's no guarantee who will show up at a meeting.
if you look at a site like http://www.thelunchclub.com
i think they do it all very well. not only is it a newsgroup type forum, but also every event is outlined, and the members can rsvp to each event, so we can make sure we have enough people coming, and everyone could see who else is going ,etc.

I could see creating a thread for each of the topics that we have an interest in exploring, and those of us with knowledge of each can start to contribute thoughts and code. it will be a permanent place to store this valuable knowledge and code snippets that will accumulate.

its unfortunate that we lost our presenter, and I agree with Nadya that we probably always need to have a backup plan. I see no need to cancel. I can help field questions, and also discuss many of the areas i mentioned
including showing how to build a full application fro mstart to finish.
if someone can provide a laptop with a live internet connection, then i can use it to demonstrate some live apps etc.

Hello, Alen (I'm speaking familiarly though I don't believe I've met you)
Would you be at tomorrow's meeting? Are you in town?

I think *all* meetings should have a component of "an open meeting where
people can present questions / problems" . I've been reading comments from
UGs in other cities - Madison WI, and Los Angeles - and that's how they do
it. They don't always have a speaker.

The question is, will there be a meeting tomorrow, Thursday? Even if not, we
should keep the listserv, nycfoxsig@xxxxxxxxxxxxx , active. This can be our
meetingplace, even when we're not meeting in person.
People, if you are reading this, please reply to nycfoxsig@xxxxxxxxxxxxx ,
so we can get a headcount of who is on the list.

Peter Rooney

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maybe an open meeting where people can present questions / problems?

On Tue, August 21, 2007 2:13 pm, Nadya Nosonovsky wrote:

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