[nycfoxsig] Re: Next Meeting Oct 4: Chaim Caron on Error Handling

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Thanks, Lew, for getting out the meeting notice. We'll let you know the NYU
room number when we know it.

Peter Rooney

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Dear SIG Members:

Our next meeting will be on Oct 4. If I understand the issues correctly,
NYACC has another large SIG that
meets on the 3rd Thurs; this produces conflicts in rooming and membership.
Our date and, perhaps, regular
schedule will have to be for the 1st Thurs.

Chaim Caron has agreed to make a presentation on error handling, and asks us
to consider the following. 

What are errors? What is a bug? How do we get bugs and what can we do about
them? How can I protect my data
from errors? How can I protect my application (and myself) from errors? What
is the primary responsibility of
an application error handler?

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