[nycfoxsig] Next Meeting Oct 4: Chaim Caron on Error Handling

  • From: Lew <lew1716@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 05 Sep 2007 22:36:57 -0400

Dear SIG Members:

Our next meeting will be on Oct 4. If I understand the issues correctly, NYACC 
has another large SIG that
meets on the 3rd Thurs; this produces conflicts in rooming and membership. Our 
date and, perhaps, regular
schedule will have to be for the 1st Thurs.

Chaim Caron has agreed to make a presentation on error handling, and asks us to 
consider the following. 

What are errors? What is a bug? How do we get bugs and what can we do about 
them? How can I protect my data
from errors? How can I protect my application (and myself) from errors? What is 
the primary responsibility of
an application error handler?

If you have pondered any of these questions or if one of them is troubling you 
now, then join us on Thursday
October 4 when Chaim Caron will explore these issues both philosophically and 
practically.  He will present a
comprehensive and time-tested solution for error handling. (Although this 
solution was created for VFP, it
works for FoxPro 2.x too.)

Chaim says: "Life as a developer is easier when you know your errors are 
covered." Find out how much easier
your life can be, and why your clients will be happier too, when you can 
actually derive some benefit from
errors and reduce their sting at the same time.

Chaim Caron is an independent consultant specializing in Visual FoxPro since 
the days of FoxPro 1.0 and was
the leader of the New York City FoxPro User Group for three years during the 
period when Microsoft purchased
FoxPro from its founders.

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