[nycfoxsig] Correction/Clarification

  • From: Lew <lew1716@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2007 09:34:46 -0400

Our speaker has offered the following correction/clarification to my 
introduction to his topic:

I should clarify that the presentation I'm giving is for a LOGICAL N-TIER 
design in VFP....where the UI can
see the Data Layer (i.e., where the form can see the cursor created in the 
dataobject).  Your suggestion
earlier seemed to give an impression that I was talking about PHYSICAL N-TIER 
design, where the processes are
all in different physical spaces/memory.

... so I asked:

I don't understand the distinction. Don't grids and lb's "see" cursors in the 
data layer(Unless we use arrays

Michael explained:
PHYSICAL n-tier is like working with COM objects...where you instantiate the 
object and it's its own "black
box" of sorts, only giving you what you ask of it.  LOGICAL n-tier is more 

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