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Here's how I see the meeting days:


1st Thursdays - ok


2nd Thursdays - no good, NYACC general meeting (it's our mother ship after



3rd Thursdays - maybe, but is NYPC general meeting, and also conflicts with

the NYACC Windows SIG, some few members of which may want to attend the our



4th Thursdays - problem because it may coincide with a NYACC Board meeting,

which I should attend so long as I am on the NYACC Board and liaison with



last Thursdays - NYACC Board meeting, n.g.


So the 1st Thursday is best, but 3rd Thursday is doable. We won't consider

other days at this time.


The 1st Thursday of September is Sept 6. This is much too close to the

August 23 meeting; I think few would come.


The 3rd Thursday of September is Sept 20. Is this OK for holidays?


The 1st Thursday of October is Oct 4. To me this seems the best next date.

We would skip September altogether, and go forward on the 1st Thursdays.


What do you think?

Obviously, I favor the 1st Thursday.




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How does keeping the meetings on the 3rd Thurs then when holiday conflicts
exists move the meeting to the 2nd Thurs for that month and if the 2nd
doesn't work, try the 4th as an alternate choice.



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3. Normalize meeting dates. The 3/4th Thurs seems to work in general, but

conflict with religious

holidays in the immediate months ahead. We need to reach agreements on this.

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