[nycfoxsig] August Meeting: August 23, 6:30pm

  • From: Lew <lew1716@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: nycfoxsig@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 09 Aug 2007 19:32:19 -0400

Dear NYC Database SIG member:
Our next, and what is officially our first meeting as a SIG, will be held on 
August 23 at 6:30pm. The location
is the same as that for the general NYACC meeting we attended last month: Room 
806 in the Silver (aka "Main")
Building at NYU, 32 Waverly Place, NYC. All are invited, your non-VFP 
colleagues may wish to attend since the
topic, n-Tier Design, is a general design issue, not limited to VFP.

Speaker: Michael Babcock is the founder and President of the Central PA VFP 
Users Group and a Microsoft
Certified Professional for VFP. He heads his own software company, MB Software 
Solutions, which has a client
base in PA. Website: www.MBSoftwareSolutions.com.

Topic: n-Tier Design. n-Tier design is a concept that has emerged strongly in 
the last several years and seems
to be the basic design paradigm (coupled with object orientation) that will be 
employed for anything but the
smallest of projects in the years ahead. By rigorously isolating the user 
interface from the business layer
(which governs how users interact with data) from the data itself, the model 
allows for programming on
different platforms and the use of different back ends. A natural off-shoot of 
this organization is unlimited

Please take the time to review Michael's attached Power Point presentation. I 
invite you to discuss this topic
here on the list prior to the meeting. Michael will be monitoring the 
discussion and may be able to tailor his
presentation to our interests on the 23rd.

Other items on the agenda:

1. Dues. While it is not entirely clear what our financial needs are, we still 
don't know how much support we
will receive from our parent group, NYACC. Whatever their decision is, I feel 
it would be a very nice gesture
of hospitality to be able to take our speakers out for a modest diner after our 
meetings. Remember, they
travel at their own expense and speak without compensation.

2. SIG Elections, Officers & event coordinators. Also not clear. I'd like to 
team up with someone to
administer this list, if only to assure that it functions when I'm not 
available. We certainly need a single
person to coordinate with our speakers, so someone will have to be willing to 
make phone calls & communicate
with the list etc... We'll need to interface with NYACC. What do you think?

3. Normalize meeting dates. The 3/4th Thurs seems to work in general, but will 
conflict with religious
holidays in the immediate months ahead. We need to reach agreements on this. 

Let's reach some decisions about these three items on line, so we can vote on 
them at the meeting without too
much debate. That way we can give Michael and our technical topic the time it 


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