[nvda-addons] Re: commit/addonFiles: norrumar: Added CCD 5.0, PM 7.0, RF 3.0, RSY 2.0 dev and stable versions

  • From: Noelia <nrm1977@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: nvda-addons@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 31 Dec 2016 12:01:23 +0100

Hi again:

The download links for the mentioned add-ons (clipContentsDesigner 5.0, placeMarkers 7.0, readFeeds 3.0 and reportSymbols 2.0) are working now.
I don't know why, the website with changes for these versions is not updated. Hope it can be fixed soon.
I have logged in Exbi server and made mr up.
From this the links started to work, but not the websites.
To download the add-ons, go to


El 31/12/2016 a las 9:22, Noelia escribió:

Hi, I have released stable versions of the following add-ons, after two
weeks without known bugs after releasing dev versions:
- clipContentsDesigner.
- placeMarkers.
- readFeeds.
- reportSymbols.

I have deleted the repos from NVDA add-ons GitHub organization, as
suggested to use it for documentation.
Unfortunately, it seems that the update of addon files repo and the
documentation of the website has no effect, and I don't know what's the
This causes that stable add-ons are not found, as the link has changed.
Hope this can be fixed as soon as possible.
Thanks and hapy new year.

PS: I remember that Emoticons add-on, 5.0 branch, is waiting a review if
someone is interested.
I recommend you to review it, as sincerely this add-on has valuable code
to learn, writen by Chris (an excellent author expert on regular
expressions among other things); also you could see how to add
translatable entries to speech dictionariesdinamically, thanks to Mesar,
main contributor to the translations system used by NVDA. Furthermore,
the add-on uses a gui contributed by a new author who makes possible to
insert emojis.

El 31/12/2016 a las 8:16, commits-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxx escribió:
1 new commit in addonFiles:

Changeset:   b41738e90ab2
Branch:      master
User:        norrumar
Date:        2016-12-31 07:16:45+00:00
Summary:     Added CCD 5.0, PM 7.0, RF 3.0, RSY 2.0 dev and stable

Affected #:  1 file

diff --git a/get.php b/get.php
index 588052a..70d9d14 100644
--- a/get.php
+++ b/get.php
@@ -5,8 +5,8 @@ $addons = array(
     "bc" => "bitChe-2.6.nvda-addon",
     "bc-dev" => "bitChe-2.6.nvda-addon",
     "clsel" =>

-    "ccd" =>

-    "ccd-dev" =>

+    "ccd" =>

+    "ccd-dev" =>

     "cr-dev" => "columnsReview-3.0-dev.nvda-addon",
     "crh-dev" =>
     "cua" => "controlUsageAssistant-2.3.nvda-addon",
@@ -40,16 +40,16 @@ $addons = array(
     "objPad-dev" =>

     "ocr" =>
     "pckbbrl" =>
-    "pm" =>

-    "pm-dev" =>

+    "pm" =>

+    "pm-dev" =>

     "qb-dev" =>

-    "rf" =>

-    "rf-dev" =>

+    "rf" =>

+    "rf-dev" =>

     "rm" => "resourceMonitor-16.10.nvda-addon",
     "rm-dev" => "resourceMonitor-16.10.nvda-addon",
     "rs-dev" => "rapidSettings-2.0dev.nvda-addon",
-    "rsy" =>

-    "rsy-dev" =>

+    "rsy" =>

+    "rsy-dev" =>

     "st" => "systrayList-1.8.nvda-addon",
     "st-dev" => "systrayList-2.0-dev.nvda-addon",
     "spl" =>

Repository URL: https://bitbucket.org/nvdaaddonteam/addonfiles/


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