[nvda-addons] Re: Request review for Emoticons 5.0 add-on

  • From: derek riemer <driemer.riemer@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2016 18:33:46 -0700

I'll do this tonight, after I bake an apple crisp.

On 12/21/2016 2:51 PM, Noelia wrote:

Hi, I'm pleased to announce the availability of a 5.0 branch for the Emoticons add-on, whose main author is Chris Leo, also contributed by Mesar Hameed, a new author named Francisco Javier Estrada Martínez and myself.
This new branch contains features that could be available for the next major version (5.0). These are the changes mentioned in the add-on guide:
Changes for 5.0
• Added support for emojis.
• Improvements for Insert Emoticon dialog with a filter field and radio buttons to choose displayed emoticons.
• Using guiHelper for Activation settings dialog and Insert Emoticon dialog: requires NVDA 2016.4 or higher versions

I'd like to request:
- Basic review for the add-on.
- Indept review for the guide, taking care on possible grammar errors or language improvements.
- Any feed-back that you want to provide.

If pass, we will post the 5.0-dev version on the community add-ons website, and about two week later, the version could become stable.
Please, note that the new 5.0 branch is located at

You can clone this repo or add this remote, and review diffs against master:
git checkout 5.0
git diff master

Thanks to users, reviewers and the other authors of this great add-on.

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