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Wes.Turner@xxxxxxxxxxxx: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 13:47:32 -0400Hello, We haven't met 
yet, but I am a new member of NBSE Detroit section. This came out of our SAE 
Toledo meeting. You may want share with the rest of the group. Thanks Wes 
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Fw: Powertrain Opportunities

Here is the info that I brought up at the last SAE Lunch meeting.  Feel free to 
share with other qualified engineers. FYI.  Chrysler is hiring about 300 
Powertrain related engineers.----- Forwarded by Mark J Laws/TPM/DCC/DCX on 
08/19/2007 07:45 AM ----- 

Robert E Lee/PTPE/DCC/DCX Sent by: Kelly Horner 08/17/2007 03:18 PM 

AM_ENG_Power-Train-ALL_Team, Kelly Horner/DCFS/debis/DCX@wk-America, Harry S 


Powertrain Opportunities

You may have noted that Chrysler is in the market for external Powertrain 
talent.  Print and electronic advertisements are currently running with the 
objective of attracting Powertrain engineers to the New Chrysler.  We would 
appreciate your help with this initiative and would ask you to be 'ambassadors' 
for our organization to peers, friends and other qualified, talented Powertrain 
engineering professionals who may be a good fit with the exciting culture of 
the New Chrysler. At the same time, we're very focused on ensuring that the 
outstanding talent that we currently enjoy in the Powertrain organization 
remains engaged and focused on the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead. 
 To that end, concurrent with aggressive recruiting efforts, our HR team is 
conducting a re-examination of our retention strategy to ensure that our 
current engineers are provided the resources they need to be engaged and 
successful.  To be clear, we are prepared to take action where we determine 
that the current state is not where it needs to be.  In addition, we are 
conducting a review of the 'Specialist' criteria to ensure that Powertrain 
engineers have equal opportunity to attain this distinction. We would ask you 
to take the following actions: 1. Encourage qualified friends, acquaintances 
and others to submit their qualifications to the New Chrysler.   We’ve updated 
our recruiting website to make the process very simple.  With a few key strokes 
you can even generate an email to friends and acquaintances with a link to the 
website, where they can easily upload their pre-prepared resumes without 
re-keying content.  Simply visit Chrysler’s Dashboard Anywhere (Workplace; 
Recruitment channel) or http://www.careers.chrysler-group.com.        2. 
Communicate openly with your management about your professional development 
needs and interests.  We want you to be a part of the New Chrysler and the 
exciting future of this great organization. Thanks for your support of this 
initiative.  Direct any additional questions to your manager or to your HR 
team.                        Bob Lee                                            
                    Noel Baril                        Vice President            
    Powertrain Engineering                                                      
  Human Resources for                                                           
                                     Product Development 

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