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Please Bless Someone else with this information...

Hello All,There is a new program called "no worker left behind". It has been 
introduced by Governor Granholm which is a free tuition program for Michigan 
residents. This new program will assist individuals gain skillful employment 
and provide free tuition at any 4 year university, community college or 
certificate program. Those who meet the following requirements are eligible to 
apply:-any person unemployed-any person who is being laid off-any person with a 
family income of less than $40, 000-any person 18 yrs that have not graduated 
from high school within the last 2 years and must not be a full time college 
student-yes, if you have a college degree already and will like to return to 
school for another bachelor's or master's degree you are eligible as 
wellParticipants will receive up to two years of free tuition at any Michigan 
community college, university or other approved training programParticipants 
must complete a skills assessment If you know anyone that can benefit from this 
program, please pass this information along and contact 1-800-285-9675. This 
program is only available for three years. I hope that you find this 
information useful

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