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         Press-Fit Top Tooling 



        Provides positive support for connector throughout press-fit
*       Evenly distributes downward force across entire connector 

*       Prevents pins from pushing through connector 

*       Can be slotted or have individual pin holes or both 

*       Use in conjunction with our press-fit fixtures to provide the
ultimate support solution for PCB and connector. 

*       A2 Tool Steel or 17-4 Stainless Steel Construction 

*       Heat-treated to Rockwell 50-55 (A2) or 45-47 (17-4) 

*       Optional Black Oxide finish 

S.P. Precision can supply universal and dedicated Press-Fit top tooling for
your compliant pin applications. Our top tooling provides positive support
for your connector throughout the press-fit operation, and evenly
distributes downward force across entire connector, preventing breakage of
your connector and/or PCB. In addition, our press-fit tools are designed to
prevent the pins from pushing back up through connector during insertion.
S.P. Precision's connector-specific press-fit top tooling can be slotted, or
have individual pin holes, or both. Universal "flat rock" tools are also
available. Use of S.P. Precision's Press-Fit top tooling in conjunction with
our press-fit fixtures delivers the ultimate support solution for your PCB
and connector application.
Press-fit top tools are constructed from either A2 Tool steel or 17-4
Stainless Steel, depending upon your needs and preferences. Heat treated to
a Rockwell hardness of 50-55 (A2) or 45-47 (17-4), these durable tools will
provide years of service. An optional black oxide finish is available if

Please contact your SP Precision Application Specialist for more details.

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