[noteworthynews] NoteWorthy Virtual Notecards updates, Win Help File arrives

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 NoteWorthy Newsletter  -- 3/13/02

[1]  NoteWorthy v 1.2.4 for Mac/1.0.1 for Windows released
[2]  Help file now available for NoteWorthy for Windows!
[3]  Your input requested


[1]  NoteWorthy maintenance releases -- 1.2.4 (Mac), 1.0.1 (Win)

We have now posted bug fix updates for both the Mac and the Windows versions
of NoteWorthy.  These can be found at

NOTE:  We recommend that you always backup your datafile before running an
installer or updater, especially if you retain the name of the sample
datafile.  We have set the installers to not overwrite these files, but
backups are always a good idea nonetheless!

Bugs fixed: In 1.2.3(Mac)/1.0 (Win), there were situations under which it
wasimpossible to unlock a timed-out trial copy of NoteWorthy.  This has been
fixed. In 1.2.3(Mac)/1.0 (Win), there were situations under which unsaved
data in Bibliography mode would be lost if the user navigated to the Note
module without saving manually.  This has been fixed. In 1.2.3(Mac)/1.0
(Win), double-clicking on Keywords would bring up an unusable screen.  This
has been fixed. (See [3} below for some additional issues that we are


[2]  Help file now available on Windows platform!

One of the big surprises for us in porting from Mac to Windows was the
extentto which Windows users expected Help files rather than .pdfs for their
documentation.  Our top priority in recent months was developing a help file
for Windows users.  This ended up taking a lot more research, learning and
work than we anticipated, but it is finally here.  The .hlp files now
installwith v 1.0.1.


[3]  Your input requested

There are a couple of design issues we'd like your input on as we work on
version 1.3. Issues with Keywords.  Several of you have asked about whether
the Choose Keyword button could call up a list of the keywords used in ANY
module, and not just those in the module you are in at the moment. 
Additionally, current versions of NoteWorthy have a known bug in which the
Choose Keyword feature truncates the list of existing keywords after a
certain number of entries.  The latter has been found to be a bug in the
underlying database engine, and we have been working with 4D, Inc. to get
that fixed, but so far nothing to report.  We'd like your input on whether
you prefer to have Choose Keywords only pull up Keywords used in the current
module, or to have it be more global.  Do the questionnaire:

Fixed Size vs. Resizable windows.  When we first published NoteWorthy, we
didso with a fixed-size screen that could fit on the smallest shipping
laptop.  We have since then added a larger screen and a resizable screen,
though it is not possible to switch between fixed and resizable screens
whilerunning NoteWorthy, and you have to choose which you want at startup. 
We are now wondering whether anyone is actually using fixed-size screens, or
whether the product would be improved by just having the resizable screens. 
Do the questionnaire: 
http://www.intelli-gents.com/window_questionaire.htm[3].  We'd appreciate it
if you'd take a couple of minutes to fill out these brief surveys. 

--- Links ---
   1 http://www.intelli-gents.com/download.htm
   2 http://www.intelli-gents.com/keyword_questionnaire.htm
   3 http://www.intelli-gents.com/window_questionaire.htm
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