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NoteWorthy Virtual Notecards Newsletter -- 6/20/2002

1. Latest Updates
2. Promotions
3. Coming Soon

1. Latest updates

The latest updates are now available for download from our site, 
    Mac -- Version 1.2.5
    Win -- Version 1.0.2

(The Mac and Windows versions are cognate with one another.  We will 
synchronize the version numbering at the next mid-level update.

These updates are mostly bug fixes and minor interface improvements.  The 
fixes in the new versions can be seen at 

2. Promotions

There are several promotions now offered via our website:

-- Free promotional installation of NoteWorthy on computers in public labs 
at colleges and universities.
-- "Desk copies" of NoteWorthy to faculty interested in using it in a 
course (and assigning it as a purchased "text" for students enrolled in the 
-- Site licenses.

More information on these at http://www.intelli-gents.com/promotions.htm

3.  Coming Soon

Several new things will be coming in the near future:

-- A cd will soon be available from our website.  We are planning to ship 
the CD separately as a trial cd, for more or less the cost of sending it 
out through our outsourcer.
-- Our ecommerce partner is working on an affiliate selling system that 
would allow us to do things like allow user groups to sell NoteWorthy and 
keep a portion of the sale to fund their group.  We are not sure what the 
timetable of this will be because it is dependent on developments that are 
out of our hands, but we hope to have it in place during this calendar year.

NoteWorthy Virtual Notecards Newsletter

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