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NoteWorthy News
October, 2001

1) NoteWorthy for Windows v1 released
2) NoteWorthy for Mac v1.2.3
3) Cross-platform compatibility
4) Upcoming plans

(1)  NoteWorthy Does Windows!

On October 11, 2001, IntelliGents released v1 of NoteWorthy Virtual 
Notecards for Windows.  NoteWorhty for Windows joins NoteWorthy for Mac in 
our product line.  NoteWorthy for Macintosh was released on February 2, 
2001.  Both products sell for $89 and can be downloaded for a free 45-day 
demo from our site, http://www.intelli-gents.com/download.htm.

(2)  NoteWorthy for Mac v1.2.3

We thank our Mac users for their patience in waiting for the 1.2.3 release 
of NoteWorthy.  This release fixes several bugs, including a data leak that 
several users reported that could occur in moving between Note and 
Bibliography modules.  (See details at the Bug Fixes section of our website.)

With v1.2.3, we are now shipping two additional products that work with 
--4D Tools -- a utility from 4D, Inc (http://www.4d.com), which can be used 
to repair and compact your NoteWorthy Datafile
--4D Transporter -- a utility from 4D, Inc. that allows you to move your 
NoteWorthy datafile between Mac and PC platforms.

These products, and updated documentation, can be downloaded from 

(3) Cross-platform compatibility

Datafiles from NoteWorthy for Mac and NoteWorthy for Windows can be 
exchanged across platforms.  To do so, you need to use 4D Tools, available 
from our website or with the current installers of either product.

(4)  What's coming

We plan in the coming weeks and months to offer a series of promotions to 
make it easier for institutions to place NoteWorthy on desktops across the 
campus or corporation, and for teachers to make use of NoteWorthy in their 
teaching.  These include:

-- Site licensing at drastic savings from the price of full copies
-- Low-cost or no-cost promotional arrangements to place NoteWorthy on 
public labs
-- Availability of "desk" copies of NoteWorthy for professors who want to 
distribute notes for their classes with NoteWorthy and authors who would 
like to use NoteWorthy do develop an electronic noteset to be distributed 
with their textbooks.
-- Promotions with user groups that would allow them to sell NoteWorthy 
from their sites as affiliates and help fund their group's activities.

Keep an eye out for these developments at our website between now and the 
end of the year.
If there is something you see here that is so exciting to you that you 
cannot wait, please feel free to contact our sales department at 

Steven Horst, Ph.D.
Founder, President and Chief Software Architect
IntelliGents, LLC -- Essential Software for the Academic Community
   makers of NoteWorthy Virtual Notecards

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Middletown, CT 06457
fax: 801  469 3084

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