[norcal-hug] Massive Ubuntu Installfest for Schools (March 1st)

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Some of you might remember Untangle from last summer's Linux Picnix, they
are sponsoring a Unbuntu install fest, read the details below.  This was
posted on the NBLug list and probably some of the other Bay Area lists as
well.  If nothing else perhaps Digg the story on digg.com

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On Saturday March 1st, Untangle and the ACCRC are organizing a massive
installfest for Bay Area schools.  We are refurbishing hundreds of
older/discarded computers with Ubuntu and donating them to Bay Area
schools.  We need your help from Linux users installing Ubuntu at the 4
locations, which are San Francisco, Berkeley, San Mateo & Marin County.

Signup sheets for each location are here:


If you can make the installfest, you can still help by driving
participation by blogging about the event or voting for it on Digg or



More info on the installfest here:


Why the event is cool:

 Helps spread F/OSS (Ubuntu, Firefox, OpenOffice & more)

 Helps bridges the Digital Divide with underprivileged users

 Keeps toxic computer equipment out of landfills (Aprox 25,000 pounds)

 Is a cool community effort

Thanks in advance for your help!


Andrew Fife
Untangle - Open Source Security Gateway

650.425.3327 (O)
415.806.6028 (C)

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