[norcal-hug] Invite to demo Haiku at saclug/lugod

  • From: "Urias McCullough" <umccullough@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: norcal-hug@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 12 Jul 2008 10:57:27 -0700

Hey all...

While exchanging some emails on the LinuxPicnic mailing list, I caught
the attention of a Bill Kendrick (primary developer of TuxPaint) who
apparently resides in Davis, CA (a little ways southwest of
Sacramento). He was interested to hear that I was so close to "saclug"
(Sacramento LUG - http://www.saclug.org) and "lugod" (LUG of Davis

He also mentioned something about TuxPaint having been ported to BeOS
and wondered if it ran on Haiku as well - so I happily sent him the
screenshot link from zeta-games.com which surprised him as well, since
he recognized Begasus as the current port mainter of TuxPaint :)

So, I will likely attend one of the upcoming LUG meetings in
Sacramento or Davis in order to "scope out" the situation - and
hopefully in the not-too-distant future I'll prepare a presentation of
Haiku similar to what Scott has done at NBLUG this past week.

Just letting everyone know :)

- Urias

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