[noCensorship] Re: Testing proxies from Freerk's list / was Re: Proxytools censored - a thanks

  • From: Denis Green <rainman@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2003 23:38:51 -0800

Dear Wayne

>> 2.1./ Yes I am working from behind a firewall
>A personal firewall?

Company firewall. I have no rights over the admin of this

>> 5.2./ 
>> perl statProxy.pl -t 0 -m -l newlist.txt
>> (as test 13 seems superfluous there)
>You need it to test for anon. The database query just gives you 
>the ones that were anon at the time that test was done. 
>These proxies change to non-anon at the drop of a hat.
>They are really quite unreliable; you should probably test for 
>that every time you use them.

Ok. got that 

>> 6/ Test as in 5.1. seems to run ok on my machine and gives an
>> output. Doesn't take much time either (total time it took on 190+
>> proxies was less than 10 minutes)
>That's slow, probably because test 13 needs to wait for each proxy 
>to connect back to you. Or timeout.

Or, it is my firewall that is screwing up things


>I see you got no 'P' or 'F' (pass or fail) for test 13.
>That makes it look like your firewall is screwing with you.

may be. Is there a way to avoid / circumvent or by pass this ?

>In that test, 'R' and 'T' (connection refused or timed-out) tells 
>you about the SP attempt to connect to the proxy prior to starting 
>the test. Usually, that means test 0 should have the same result, 
>but there's one exception above:  :8000
>When that kind of thing happens, it's got to be a flaky network. 
>Sometimes you get a connection, other times you don't. 

ok. I checked the complete output and had more cases like this.
I'm sending you the entire output by direct mail. 

>Other than those cases, you have 3 passes on test 0 (so they *are* 
>proxies) but an empty response for test 13. Assuming you let the 
>tests finish, this means SP was able to connect to those proxies 
>for test 13, but then there was no response, or something which  
>caused the test to *not* be performed. The test is, after all, to 
>see if your IP address is in the proxies request headers ('F') 
>or not ('P'). 
>I would guess the headers weren't seen at all.
>Sounds like very slow proxies (SP must timeout eventually), or 
>a firewall interfering.

When U see the complete output you will see some more cases like this
Is there a way to solve this problem ? (i.e.) if it is the firewall
screwing up my tests

note : I understand you've give me a series of command line
options below. I'll be firing those today. But AFAI can see I
need to crack a way to do the test 13 ,  since Test 13 along with
test 0 seem to be the most important *for me*


>copy config-User1.xml temp0.xml

Please see if you can reply to the addl. questions included in 

- I'd like to what all configs come *pre-configured* and how to use 
them in different situations

- Further the error messages when I try to start LP are
also included in the above REVISED message

What configs to use while using a LAN ?

>copy config-User1.xml temp0.xml
>copy hosts.xml temp1.xml
>perl statProxy.pl -p -t 0:13 -l Freerklist.txt
>perl mergeHosts.pl statProxy.2003.12.29.?.out config-User1.xml
>copy config-User1.xml hosts.xml
>perl extractHosts.pl outputFile.txt isEnabled doesNotPassIPAddressThrough
><speed term, etc...> 
>copy temp1.xml hosts.xml
>copy temp0.xml config-User1.xml

I'll run exactly these

But here again test 13 may fail 

So what are the alternatives ? 
- Check from outside the firewall (i.e.) dialup .. etc.
- some other tests that you can recommend ?

Thanks as always

>Subject: [noCensorship] Re: Testing proxies from Freerk's list
>/ was Re: Proxytools censored - a thanks
>To: nocensorship@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, proxytools-
>Date: 29 Dec 2003 15:34:27 -0000
>From: wayne <wayne@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> From: Denis Green <rainman@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> To: nocensorship@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> Subject: [noCensorship] Testing proxies from Freerk's list /
>was Re: Proxytools censored - a thanks
>> Dear Wayne
>> Thanks for the quick replies
>> 1/ I've been careful with the cntrl +c, cntrl + double c etc. 
>> 2/ I don't think I typed cntrl + triple C anytime
>They could be a long time apart if the results display takes a 
>long time (as it would for 700 proxies).
>Remember, the count isn't reset until the display finishes.
>Don't think of this like double-clicks in windows.
>> 2.1./ Yes I am working from behind a firewall
>A personal firewall?
>> 2.2./ The firewall seems to be decent enought for me to get some results
>> with test 13 !
>Personal firewalls should ask you if Perl can be an internet
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