[noCensorship] Re: ADDENDUM : Re: Re: Testing proxies from Freerk's list / was Re: Proxytools censored - a thanks

  • From: wayne <wayne@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: nocensorship@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, proxy-users@xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: 30 Dec 2003 22:43:44 -0000

> From: Denis Green <rainman@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> To: nocensorship@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: [noCensorship] ADDENDUM : Re:  Re: Testing proxies from Freerk's 
> list / was Re: Proxytools censored - a thanks
> Dear Wayne
> >>>>        great! It's been a while that someone said thanks for the
> >>>>        proxylist, I thought it wasn't that useful anymore...
> >
> >>
> >>I use it all the time to update the proxyTools database. 
> >>Good work!
> Just wondering ...
> If you are already updating the proxytools database 
> (I suppose you mean hosts.xml file) with freerk's list 
> then why should I worry about using freerk's list ?

You don't need to worry about it, but ...
1) you will get fresher results on average.
2) I may be unable to test proxies that are behind firewalls (some 
are inaccessible from certain locations and I can only test from 
about 3 internet locations)
3) my tests are done once to get the proxy into the database, and 
then periodically only if they are selected by LP for use in the 
various locations I use LP. I do that daily. 
It's rare for me to go through the whole database and check them 
all. Sometimes, I notice a certain type/group that I'm not testing 
often enough and test these specially, but that's infrequent 
(months apart).
4) proxies test differently on successive tests. If it fails on 
all tests when I do it, the proxy will not appear in the database 
at all. Your test may well find a few that pass one or more tests, 
yet are not in the database.

> isn't it already included when I test the hosts.xml
> for 0 and 13 tests ?

Mostly. :-)

> Please confirm if 
>  | copy config-User1.xml temp0.xml
>  | copy hosts.xml temp1.xml
>  | perl statProxy.pl -p -t 0:13 -l Freerklist.txt
>  | perl mergeHosts.pl statProxy.2003.12.29.?.out config-User1.xml
>  | copy config-User1.xml hosts.xml
>  | perl extractHosts.pl outputFile.txt isEnabled
> doesNotPassIPAddressThrough <speed term, etc... |  
>  | copy temp1.xml hosts.xml
>  | copy temp0.xml config-User1.xml
> *is the final set of test I need to do*

Your original question was how to test a list for anonymity. 
If that's all you need then the tests above would be enough.
But we've now determined that you are behind a firewall that 
won't let you use test 13. 

The above stuff wasn't the best thing for you to do anyway. I was 
just showing how you could get your test results into a format 
you could use extractHosts with. Sorting the test results is 
much easier usually.

> Thanks
> DG

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