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The issue, based upon who has been involved in the many shootings taking  
place on school grounds and elsewhere, is NOT REGULATION, and is also NOT  
ENFORCEMENT of existing laws, but is the issue of MENTAL HEALTH...the shooters 
 have all been unbalanced!

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The Supreme  Court dealt a rare blow to the gun lobby Monday by ruling that 
purchasers must  report when they are buying firearms for other people. 
Well, well,  well. 
Perhaps they are finally  getting serious about this crap.  They don’t need 
more laws, far too many  already, just need to enforce the laws that are 
already there.  A novel  thought would be to standardize gun crime laws across 
the country and actually  put little Johnnie and Janine away when they 
commit a crime instead of letting  them off the hook because they didn’t win a 
prize in 3rd grade and  now suffer for life.  A good start, have a gun at a 
crime scene? Minimum  5 years.  Pull a gun at a crime scene? Minimum 10 
years. Shoot a gun at a  crime scene and wound someone?   Minimum 20 years.  
 someone?  Life, or death.  The liberal crew say that strong  punishment is 
not a determent to committing crime, but one thing is for  sure.  They 
person with the strong punishment is deterred, they won’t  commit any for a 

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