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  • From: Mark Stein <mark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2010 19:06:12 -0500

Sounds like they aren't ips... that's the reason I've held off on getting a flat screen for the computer up til now.

At 04:53 PM 11/23/2010 -0500, you wrote:
At school, we have HP, Dell, and one Samsung for monitors. All of them suffer from viewing angle changes, worse vertically than horizontally. That said, wegeterdone by making sure you are always looking directly eye-level with the center of the screen. By far not the best solution, but it's what we can afford. Our latest monitor is a 23" widescreen HP, however, I have no idea what lights it up. I do know it all that was available for the money we had, AND it HAD to be purchase through the school's contract with HP. All our monitors calibrate very close, close enough for what the students are doing. If someone wants to gift us about $200,000, I'd be happy to re-equip the lab with some good boxes and monitors.


On 11/23/2010 12:20 PM, mark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Again, it all falls back to display type... it's ips or nothing for me
right now.

Today at Costco, I saw 21.5" Samsung LED backlighted LCD monitor for
$170.  While I don't know how good it is, here is info:

Samsung EX 2220X 21.5" LED LCD display, item #: 517033.

Hell, Google it for ya!���can't find the product in their online
store, but here is their listing.


I don't think Sceptre is a great quality monitor, but I see 24" LED
monitor for $250, Viewsonic LED dual (two monitors) 22" for $350â?¦both
little over your budget line��Viewsonic 21.5" LED monitor for $170,
and Acer 21.5" LED monitor for $140.  Seems you have few options just at
Costco alone.

        URL for Samsung EX 2220X.


Koichi Yasutani - a.k.a. Steve + MP
Lakewood, WA U.S.A.
2010 / 11 / 22          20:57 PST

On Nov 22, 2010, at 0924 , mark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Don't need it right now, but I figure if they come out with LED
they'll also raise the price of it.

Found out I can get 12% off dell with my discover card.

I notice the U2211H can change orientation to portrait. That is a
feature.  I imagine the U2311H does the sameâ?¦at>$80â?¦little wider
gap than I would like.  â?¦I'd still wait for one with LED backlight.
shouldn't be that far aheadâ?¦unless, of course, you need to get the
monitor right now.

On Nov 21, 2010, at 0839 , Mark Stein wrote:

$200 for a TN or TFT 21" monitor... this is an IPS one.

At 06:59 PM 11/20/2010 -0800, you wrote:

       Yeah��but the backlight source is CCFL.<$200 21" price is
good, but it's pretty common now.

       You know, the monitor is something you'll use for several
Trying to save $10 or $20 here and there, in lieu of something
better, is not going to pay that well, IMO.

On Nov 20, 2010, at 0845 , Mark Stein wrote:

Here are a couple of reviews on it...



I'm thinking if I can get the 21" for under $200 it's a good deal.
Don't think I'd miss the extra 1.5 inches for the more expensive 23

At 05:34 PM 11/19/2010 -0800, you wrote:
It would be good to know the percent of the Adobe RGB gamut it can

On Nov 19, 2010, at 3:57 PM, Mark Stein wrote:

I had been on the lookout for a Dell 23 inch monitor to go on
However, the 21 inch has gone on sale instead... with a coupon I
should be able to get it for $188 or so.  Is 2 inches going to make
much of a difference?  Both are IPS.

Here are the specs...


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