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And of course, the defendants violated the first rule of being in court:

"Don't p*** off the judge by being a smart mouth."

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The defendants were lying, they were hoping that saying "we didn't meet
her at a wedding show" would be enough to break the plaintiff's case.
Problem is, some people are just plain naive and take verbal promises of
"you will get professional prints" as that.  As the old addage goes,
"you get what you paid for."
"How fast is your lens?  You are using a Rebel XT, and you are a pro?
Where's your 1-series, 7D, 5D, hell 10D?  The Xt is your base model!
Where's your 28-70?  How can you get a decent photo with such a slow
lens, the cheapest you can buy!"  LMAO, I loved it!

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>Nice to see bad pros slapped down, but the plaintiff made her own 
>Why was there no mention of a contract, which should have listed what 
>the deliverables were?   If she didn't meet them at a wedding show,
>did she really see samples of their work?
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>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIiH9uxdE5M

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