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Watch newegg.com


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On Nov 21, 2010, at 9:04 AM, Mark Stein <mjstein63@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Not sure if I mentioned, but I've sort of been looking for a 37" - 42" flat 
> screen... on my terms.  My terms being it needs to be $400 or less.
> Seen one in the past but the picture quality was pretty bad.
> I figured my best chance is black friday... so I've been looking at the ads.  
> Walmart will have a 42" emerson, and a 37 inch vizio in that price range 
> ($399, and $378 with $30 gift card)... both LCD, both 60Mhz, both 1080p.
> Target will have one, but it's a door buster.
> The winner seems to be hhgregg... they have a 42" Curtis plasma for $369... 
> it's only 720p, but I don't plan on getting an HD package anyway.  What 
> started as a black friday sale special is now running all week (and a few 
> days last week).  I looked at it last night... pictures seems good.  The 
> thing that pushed me over the edge for it... they have 2 year interest free 
> financing... only $15 a month.  That means I can get the monitor, and/or new 
> computer too without taking too big a financial hit.
> Here's the TV...  
> http://www.hhgregg.com/ProductDetail.asp?SID=n&ProductID=71830

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