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  • Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2010 21:37:52 -0700 (PDT)

No control dials?
The E-PL1 will take a shoe mount flash also. 

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I found this over at dpreview and thought it might help.  You might also want 
look at the reviews of the new E-5 if you already have  Olumpus lenses. It's 
High prices but said to finally get the best out of Zuiko  SHG Glass.
E-PL1 vs E-P2: Key differences
Although the EPL-1 is a less expensive camera than the E-P2 that sits above  
it doesn't give much ground to its big brother in terms of specification.  The 
biggest differences are the more compact-camera-like interface (and loss of  
control dials), the simplified construction, less sophisticated image  
stabilization system and the addition of the built-in flash.
        * No control dials vs. 2 on the E-P2 
        * Built-in flash (external flashes only on E-P2) 
        * Mainly plastic body with aluminium skined front (Stainless steel and  
alloys for E-P2) 

        * Image stabilization with claimed 3 stop benefit, vs. 4 stops for E-P2 
        * Direct record movie button vs. movies as position on E-P2 mode dial 
        * Mono mic with option to add stereo using adapter vs. built-in stereo 
        * Maximum shutter speed 1/2000th sec, vs. 1/4000th. 

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