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And engaged couple decided to drive to Las Vegas from Los Angeles to get  
married.  During the drive, they were involved in a head on  collision.  Both 
perished.  At the Pearly Gates, St. Peter checked the  roster, found their 
names, and welcomed them to Heaven.  He finished his  orientation with the 
statement, "In Heaven, your every wish is possible."   The couple replied, 
"Well, we were on our way to be married, so it would be  wonderful if you 
could arrange for our marriage to take place here in  Heaven."  St. Peter 
replied, "I'll do my best."  Some months later,  St. Peter summoned the couple 
they were married.
After about a year, the couple came back to St. Peter and told him, "I'm  
sorry, but getting married was a mistake.  Can you arrange for a  divorce?"  
St. Peter reddened considerably, and after a prolonged silence  replied, "It 
took three months to find a priest here in Heaven for your  marriage.  Can 
you begin to imagine how long it will take to find an  attorney?!?!?!"

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A 37-year-old attorney died suddenly and faced St. Peter. He protested  
that he shouldn't have died so young, and just couldn't understand why. St  
Peter opened the Big Ledger Book and said, "How old? 37? Hmmm --- according to  
your billable hours, you'd have to be at least 94!"

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I've never understood how it is the attorney who has the billable hours,  
when it is the legal assistant who does the real work in the place!

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downsouthdave@xxxxxxxxx writes:

Legal assistant=the person in a law office who does all the work.  :-)

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I Rita and  all- 
I’m still  here.  Just have not been talking.  It has been a hectic week,  
then I had ATT Uverse installed last week.  I spent about a week in ATT  
customer non-service h*ll.  I will explain about it at a later  time.  My legal 
assistant is out all next week, so I am getting things  in shape that the 
office this weekend. 
Can’t wait until  Thanksgiving. 
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Hi  all,

Just wondering if  the photog system is down again, or nobody's talking.  
Have received  nothing since WOC's amazing home remedies post, some of which 
I'll  definitely use.

Bunky had major  back surgery on Wednesday, so I've not been checking in 
much.  Thought  this morning would be a good time to catch up, but there's not 
much here so  thought I'd write.


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