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Interesting. The little springbok was taking its fear out of the gene pool.

On Feb 10, 2011, at 6:32 PM, Dave wrote:

> I worked at the Detroit Zoo when I was in high school and had a chance to 
> interact with the lions. I'm convinced cat behavior is all the same whether 
> it's a domestic cat, lion, cheetah or whatever. The difference is that a lion 
> can do real damage if it attacks and a domestic cat really can't. The guy did 
> exactly the right thing by standing still when the lioness faced him and put 
> her head down. That was her indication that she would have flushed him if he 
> moved very much. Big cats will very seldom attack anything that they don't  
> or can't chase. 
> I saw some amazing footage of an cheetah on the attack. There was a very 
> young springbok fawn crouching in the grass as its mother had taught it to 
> do. The cheetah approached and the fawn just froze. The cheetah cuffed at it 
> to make it move, which it finally did. It ran about 10 feet and the cheetah 
> only then chased it, pounced and killed it. 
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> This is closer than I want to be!
> http://www.petapixel.com/2011/02/10/photographer-nearly-becomes-lioness-food-with-camera-in-hand/
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