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'pieces of graining' or 'pieces of training'...neither mean anything to  
most folks, even if one is right and the other is wrong!   Could you  explain?

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Dang spell check. I meant graining. 


For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and  
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This is the real deal from our exhibit on high end gold pieces. We have  
some pieces of training in gold that are mind-boggling it takes such  


For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and  
wrong. - H. L. Mencken

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Ah! Atocha treasure, or repros made from the originals as patterns?  We saw 
the Atocha traveling display years ago in Claremont, CA. That whole  
recovery is a fascinating story. Nice treatment!

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Got my Nikon D7000 yesterday. It's quite nice. I like it a lot. The  
customizability is really extensive. The LCD on the back is gorgeous, and  the 
controls are laid out in a logical way. Noise performance is great.  ISO 1600 
is really, really clean. I haven't shot enough at high ISOs to  really say 
yet how good, but up to 25,600 seems to be usable for some  things. Overall, 
it's the best DX camera Nikon makes by far. And for the  price it really 
makes the D300s look dated. AF is very fast, and  accurate. 

The only thing that's not great so far is that when it focuses during  
video you can hear the lenses focusing. I don't even notice the noise from  my 
AF-S lenses as I'm shooting, but it's there in the video sound track.  So you 
really need an external mic to make audio work well apparently.  Could this 
be a major reason other cameras don't have AF during video  other than the 

One think Koichi would like is that you can set it so that with non-G  
lenses you set the aperture with the ring on the lens instead of with a  

I've got two photos you can download. Both less than 1 meg, though  they 
are full size jpegs. When I created them I didn't have an NEF  converter for 
it yet. Got that this morning from Adobe labs where Adobe  Camera RAW 6.3 is 
still in beta.

Here are the links:


 (http://files.me.com/ericwelch/b1is5f) _files.me.com/ericwelch/_ 
(http://files.me.com/ericwelch/)   b1is5f

Added noise reduction in CS5 and tweaked colors and contrast.

 (https://files.me.com/ericwelch/4juu68) _files.me.com/ericwelch/_ 
(http://files.me.com/ericwelch/)   4juu68

It's from the Atocha, a Spanish galleon that sank off Florida in  1622. We 
have it on exhibit in the entrance to our library. Mostly high  intensity 
incandescent light with some daylight coming in from a skylight  directly 
above. Colombian emeralds obviously and gold probably from there  too.



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